The following list details our current project and scripts being considered.

Current Project
Last Days: Revelation
My current short script about a super villain on death row. The film is an mock interview piece similar to the 1970’s prison interviews with various subjects. The interviewer allows us to explore the villain’s motivations and reveals a shocking secret no one could have predicted.

Upcoming Projects
The following two scripts are in conceptual stages now. They are bookend films for Last Days.
Origins: Sacrifice
Tells the origin of Bastion the hero in Last Days that is only briefly mentioned. The story focuses on Andrew (Bastion) as he attains powers and how it changes is life.

Rebirth: Takedown
Is the last film and takes place 10 years after Last Days. Measures are taken to change the oppressive state of Monolith city.

Possible Projects
My first and longest script explores the ramifications of attaining superpowers in a world divided on acceptance of this new breed of human. The story focuses on a young woman Talia and her relationship with her father after the death of her mother.

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