Quiet on the SET!

Just got back from my first film crew gig. I joined a team of local film makers lead by Jason Hunt to create a short for the 48 hour film project. Ten teams participated in the Kansas City event that kicked off at the Screenland in the Crown Center shopping mall.

Team leads picked genres from a hat as the event started. We initially ended up with Western or Musical, which seemed like a cool, but possibly complicated genre for the short time we had. Other teams recieved Sci Fi, Superhero and Noir to name a few. Our team lead opted to turn in our genre and take a chance with a redraw. We ended up with Family movie, a fairly broad topic.

Once genres had been selected we got the final elements, a character and a line of dialogue. The character was “Sam or Samantha Tangent, Animal Therapist. Then the line we needed to incorporate which was…”Is that clear? Any questions?” With all the elements we headed downstairs into the food court to brainstorm out ideas. In about 40 minutes we hashed out a pretty funny concept. We broke there and Jason was tasked with hammering out a script before midnight. He delivered a funny draft with memorable characters.
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Comic Preview

My project passion meter is on tilt!

Just got in a few preview images of the pages for the Last Days prequel comic. Sponsors of the project get the entire comic! I am so jazzed to see how the book is coming along. The sample images are already beginning to flesh out the back story and the movies fictional setting of Monolith City.

The artist I hired lives in Chile and has been a great collaborator; listening to all my suggestions. You can see in the preview image above how she has translated my harsh scribbles into great art. When the final panels come in completely inked they will be amazing! I am only showing you the opening page as a teaser for what you will get for your generous donation. Don’t miss out on this limited edition collectible!

Prequel Preproduction

Story boards have been complete for the prequel for a few days now. We wanted to share them to show (not only my horrible art skills) but the processes we complete for this short. It will mirror many of the steps for Last Days.

It started with some brainstorming with a co-worker who wanted to play a part in Revelations. We didn’t have any more parts available at the time (we have added some bit parts since), so we talked it over and a great idea developed. When I was writing notes for the upcoming short film I went sideways on a tangent or two. Those notes ended up being outlines for two more short films that would bookend Last Days.

In the first film, tentatively titled Origins: Sacrifice, I had created a bit character that the lead saves from a warehouse explosion. Strangely enough my mind wandered (imagine that!) and I asked myself what his story was. Those stray thoughts linked into the discussion with my co-worker and the prequel story was born.

It was really inspiring how quickly it fell into place and seemed like a logical piece of the puzzle that was missing. So we riffed on it for a bit and came up with a character we call the Stranger. Simple, but effective and the name, ominous as it might sound, is nothing of the sort. The stranger is a benevolent individual with a troubled past and complicated existence that is tied to the Revelations hero – Bastion.

Check out the storyboards, but gird yourself for the horror of my drawings, and stay tuned for more peeks behind the veil.


Held my first face to face audition today. I had all the trimmings – camera and tripod, table and chairs (for the scene), script copies and ice cold water. The one thing I forgot was what the hell I was doing. It can be really nerve racking when you are holding someone else to an expectation and you fumble about like a fool. The actor was very understanding and helpful, thankfully. I am certain that I was more nervous than him.

Hey the first audition is done, so it should get easier from here…I hope. I got some decent recordings of his reading and I even read a few line for him to work from. Strangely it is getting easier to be on camera, should that worry me?

Auditions are still open for the roles of Jonas (veteran reporter) and Marks (stern and abusive guard) so send in a head shot and resume to lastdaysfilm@live.com. If you know anyone looking for some additional material for their reels send them our way!