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So Bright!!

The lights I ordered showed up today. I was disappointed right from the start because I thought I bought three lights and only received two. I emailed the seller and Amazon right away. Hopefully they will be able send me the third light.

In general the quality is what you would expect for $150. Compared to its $1100 counterparts from Kino for example they are really cheaply made. For a budget film makers like myself who is paying for everything out of pocket they are adequate to get the job done.

I set them up with ease, they do feel a bit flimsy, but with care they will last until I can get upgrades. I do feel that I may already need to pick up some more. Assuming the seller resolves the missing light problem quickly I might just order another telescoping stand and use the boom for the shotgun mic. I am definitely going to pick up two metal reflector lights from Home Depot for around $15 each to work as fill lights. I think with the addition of those we will have adequate lighting for our current scenes.

Once we get the chance to actually light a scene I will post another blog and some images showing how they worked out.


Lead Confirmed

Chris Bylsma has come on board to play the villainous Torin Vale. He has a couple of completed shorts and is currently filming a new project. Chris contacted me after our first casting call went up. He currently lives in Topeka, which is about 60 miles from me. Due to the distance and conflicting schedules he recorded a cold read of my script and posted it for me to view. I was unsure about the fit until minute six on the video when I could see Torin coming to life. Chris has great potential for this role and I am eager to start filming with him. I will get my first chance to meet him today on his way home from shooting his current role.

Small rewrites continue on the script as I polish nagging little parts of the dialogue. I told myself that my deadline for script alterations is the end of August. Wish me luck, lol.

Ordered some new gear for production and feverishly worked on the promotional elements for Last Days. I will have some announcements soon regarding those.

Still touching up the shooting schedule for Longevity, which is a prequel to Last Days that I will film with my Flip HD. More on that soon as well.

Del Toro…Genious

I just finished watching Guillermo del Toro’s 1993 horror film titled Cronos. It was fantastic. Visually the sets told several stories, filled your mind with unspoken detail for each character. Being a film enthusiast I appreciated the artistry of the film. As I watched I silently identified camera shots from dolly to crane. I ate up the character construction and the ultimate tale of sacrifice.

Its a must watch if you enjoy any of Del Toro’s work. Its available on dvd and hulu.

Hunger Games

The new Hunger Games motion poster was recently revealed. The novel follows a young girl as she fights for survival and rewards for her colony in the deadly gladiatorial games.

I enjoyed the first book even though the writing seemed unfinished. Something about the sentence structure struck me as unedited. Almost as if the author was very new to writing. I am excited for the movie adaptation because many of the gladiatorial fights are quite visceral and will come to life on screen. The greater implications of the story and the characters and how it translates to film will have to be seen.

I have not read the two remaining novels (not even sure if the third is out), however I encourage those who have read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson to check it out.