Casting Calls

Below is a list of the current roles we are seeking casting for.

Last Days: Revelation is a moody story of Torin Vale, a once super-powered villain imprisoned for mass murder. Veteran Reporter Jonas Deptch, interviews Torin in the final days before his execution. The interview reveals shocking details about the origins of Torin’s powers and the dangerous secret he has kept.

Character BIOS

[Torin] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 25-35]
Torin is a brooding street tough villain who understands the world’s harsh realities. Gruff and calculating, Torin is careful not to share too much, but willing to entertain discussion on intriguing topics.

[Jonas] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-45]
Jonas is a middle aged veteran reporter with the city newspaper. Caught in the shift of media modernization, he struggles to maintain a purposeful column for his loyal readers. Educated and compassionate Jonas likes to get to root of topics and understand human motivations.

[Marks] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 25-45]
Career corrections officer/guard Marks is stern and quick to put down disobedience with force if necessary.

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