In the can

Our second feature Longevity is in the can so to speak. The digital can at least. We wrapped shooting last night at 2 am. It was a 5 hour shoot and everyone helped out tremendously. With some film finally ready for editing I am greatly relived. The preproduction phase can be very creative, it requires a lot of patience however. This is an area I am slowly getting better at. We had to reschedule a few times to match everyone’s schedules and to collect all the props we needed. The set up went smoother than expected and the first few shots of the film got logged quickly. Now its on to the post production phases of editing, more editing and still more editing. All that will be followed by sound design, color correction, possibly more editing and finally a pass through After Effects for FX and titles.

Each aspect of filming has continued to be a rewarding experience, definitely stressful at times, but very rewarding. I look forward to the next steps eagerly. I hope to have a trailer up in a couple of days.

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