It has been a struggle the past few days to post anything to the blog. Many little things have happened. Its not that I was waiting to compile them into a bigger post, its been difficult to convince myself to write anything. I am a private person by habit and I really don’t get all this facetweetblogging stuff. Even now with the film project up and running, I have something to share, but its not a natural compulsion.

I eagerly want to keep a steady flow of material on the site to not only boost awareness of my funding project, but to share my experience making this film. Each time I approached the idea of a new blog I stared at the blinking cursor for several minutes, then abandoned the effort some trivial passive activity. Tonight I finally forced myself to write even though its 1 am and I have to be up at 8 am tomorrow for work. The words are starting to flow so enough the the psycho babble…

Tonight we attempted to shoot the Longevity prequel. I spent a few hours today working on mock articles for a journal the main character uses to tell the story of his past and present. Time was quickly running out and I scrambled to do a few last minute errands to get ready for filming. Naturally as my DP keeps telling me “things go wrong!”, and they did. I recently moved and set up my printer only to find that the data cable was missing. I had know idea where it could be so I raced to my storage shed and wracked my brain while I nearly unpacked the whole thing. 45 minutes later, the shooting deadline rapidly approaching I abandoned all hope of finding the cable. I went to Office Max and had the articles printed and purchased a new printer cable for $20. I got back to the apartment 30 minutes before my production assistant was to arrive. As I was preparing for my shower, guess what I found…yep, my printer data cable. In a small box right by my bed, a box that has been sitting there for a week. At least I kept the receipt!

After I cleaned up I got a call from my PA saying she would be a little late. That was honestly a relief. It gave me more time to clean up my apartment, sort props and begin staging the set. After she showed up we got to work on some filler content for the walls and misc surfaces to flesh out the background and naturally add a few in jokes for us to laugh at later. 20 minutes until my actor was to show up he called and said he would be delayed…up to 3 hours. Keep in mind this is at about 8:45 pm. So I started pulling my hair out several strands at a time. I told him to keep in contact and let me know if he could arrive any earlier. Getting back to assembling the props I started to notice missing elements from my storyboards and finally made the decision to postpone shooting until next Monday.

In the end the delay will allow for the piece to come closer to my vision. I was really rushing it today, even though I have spent a few weeks on preproduction. There were elements in wardrobe and set pieces I was willing to compromise on just to get some more content online to prove to those following this (and me) of its legitimacy. I feel we accomplished a lot tonight and made some good choices that will improve the short overall. With luck and even more planning we will have a teaser up for Longevity next week. Once its shot, the full short will need to go to Will for sound mixing then we can debut it. Stay tuned.


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