Holding Pattern

I am at the circling the airport phase of this project. I still have several tasks to complete, more than I can do easily on my own. Generating passionate support and assistance for a largely volunteer project is a real challenge. It becomes more complicated when you factor in our busy lives. I personally have fought against adulthood and considering I am half way to grave anyway I doubt I will ever fully grow up.

That’s fine with me actually, I’m still having fun while others run around screaming with their heads ready to explode from all the stress. (steps down off soap box) Not sure where I was going with that.

Returning to the focus of this article, I am in the mid preproduction blues stage. As I circle the airport, I am checking my fuel gauge trying to determine if I have enough to last or will I crash and burn. I have a deep, though complexly accessible energy reserve, that seems to kick in on the home stretch of lengthy projects. Perhaps this is true for most or its just that understanding that IT must be done, an innate responsibility to finish.

For the time being the only way I can kick it up a notch is to find a passionate collaborator that has as much free time as I do. I can double, if not triple my energy if I only had someone to regularly bounce ideas off of. I often feel like I am beating a dead horse at work and apologize for going on and on about this or any previous project. I just need a sympathetic ear I guess, are you listening?


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