So Bright!!

The lights I ordered showed up today. I was disappointed right from the start because I thought I bought three lights and only received two. I emailed the seller and Amazon right away. Hopefully they will be able send me the third light.

In general the quality is what you would expect for $150. Compared to its $1100 counterparts from Kino for example they are really cheaply made. For a budget film makers like myself who is paying for everything out of pocket they are adequate to get the job done.

I set them up with ease, they do feel a bit flimsy, but with care they will last until I can get upgrades. I do feel that I may already need to pick up some more. Assuming the seller resolves the missing light problem quickly I might just order another telescoping stand and use the boom for the shotgun mic. I am definitely going to pick up two metal reflector lights from Home Depot for around $15 each to work as fill lights. I think with the addition of those we will have adequate lighting for our current scenes.

Once we get the chance to actually light a scene I will post another blog and some images showing how they worked out.


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