Editor burns dinner…again

I have been messing around with Corel Video Studio Pro to practice editing. Whether I will be editing Last Days is uncertain. It will mostly depend on what software Will uses for sound; I want to make sure loading files for each of us is easy. If he used a Mac like Darren then majority will rule and I will just hover and poke them a lot to fix this and that, lol.

I have had a great deal of fun editing a little side video I titled Writer’s Block. Thankfully (knocks on the wood desk) I have not suffered from that yet. But it seemed a common theme for creative types and something I could film with little preparation. I voilated my cardinal rule and put my fugly mug on camera. Nothing broke and earth’s axis did not change. There was some tremors initially, so I was worried, but all seems well. We will have to see what happens when it hits YouTube.

In general its a very crappy short film, and that not me just being overly critical of my own work. Its really not very good. To my credit, it was my first real multi-shot/scene film and I shot all the video on an inexpensive Flip HD camcorder in a single day. I am happy with the end product essentially, but I hope this is the lowest level my movie making ever reaches.

Something I learned aside from how complex and how long it takes to edit was how to burn water and spaghetti sauce…twice. I got hungry, hoped up during some editing and put the various parts of dinner on and then got lost in the process. Usually I noticed something was wrong when I smelled something burning. Then I jumped up from chair and raced into the kitchen to put out any fires. None had stared thankfully, just seared the sauce. Later it got so routine that I noticed it burning and finished editing a scene before I checked on it. Does that mean I am a dedicated editor or a negligent cook?


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