Lead Confirmed

Chris Bylsma has come on board to play the villainous Torin Vale. He has a couple of completed shorts and is currently filming a new project. Chris contacted me after our first casting call went up. He currently lives in Topeka, which is about 60 miles from me. Due to the distance and conflicting schedules he recorded a cold read of my script and posted it for me to view. I was unsure about the fit until minute six on the video when I could see Torin coming to life. Chris has great potential for this role and I am eager to start filming with him. I will get my first chance to meet him today on his way home from shooting his current role.

Small rewrites continue on the script as I polish nagging little parts of the dialogue. I told myself that my deadline for script alterations is the end of August. Wish me luck, lol.

Ordered some new gear for production and feverishly worked on the promotional elements for Last Days. I will have some announcements soon regarding those.

Still touching up the shooting schedule for Longevity, which is a prequel to Last Days that I will film with my Flip HD. More on that soon as well.


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