I am working on the dialogue for Last Days this week. I wrote the short script about a year ago. I have revisited it a few times, tweaking little bits. I can visualize scenes, even shots I want when I write a script. In my mind I move with the camera as I write seeing cut away’s, close ups and pans. The greatest challenge I face is dialogue.

It seems strange to me because if you get me going, I talk A LOT. I guess when you talk you do not think much about how it sounds or what is really being said. You attempt to convey your message as well as you can. When you start writing conversations that are intended to have more depth it become easy to see flaws. I certain don’t mean spelling or grammar, those are common struggles. What I get frustrated with is the natural flow of dialogue. I continuously ask myself “would this character say that?”

Darren and I were talking about this the other day and he pointed out that the actor will play heavily in the translation of the script. I totally agreed and will support the cast in being creative with the dialogue as long as it maintains the story. Ultimately I just want the film to play well. Being so conversation heavy it has to maintain the viewers interest. For now I will keep plucking away it until the final casting is done.


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