Film Festivals

The quantity of festivals is really mind boggling.  I have recently attended a few local events here in Kansas.  The vibe is amazing, a mixture of pride and anticipation.  Many independent filmmakers get satisfaction from the recpeption thier projects recieve at these festivals.  I eagerly await my first experience at an event where a film I have worked on is showing.

Navigating the submission hurdles for these festivals is taxing.  With so many its initally hard to decide which ones to submit too.  I have decide to start with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).  Its submission deadlines are far enough out that  our production has a resonable chance of being complete and its from my home state.

After that I will send a copy to any that I see.  With the hundreds if not thousands of entries they recieve the more we enter the better our chances of being accepted.


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