300 gets you squat

Used to be that a few hundred dollars would get you a fairly decent computer.  Granted typically you had to build it yourself.  I made the mistake of thinking that technology had advanced enough that it was getting cheap to build quality computers.  So in a rush to “keep up with the jones’s” I ran out and bought a laptop.  I know what you are thinking, “laptop!  that’s not up to date.  dude you need to get with times, tablets are the now.”

Well, I get that, but let me clarify.  I picked up this laptop about 18 months ago.  I am a technology fiend, I love gadgets.  Unfortunately due to less than frugal spending habits I have to sit on the edge of most revolutions and just dip my toes in for a few years until the prices drop to something within my spurge budget.

So back to the laptop, i picked it up at a big box retailer for $300.  It was one of those back to school sales.  I knew I was getting a low end machine, but I hoped for more.  It seems that the more affordable electronics get the more resource consuming programs get.  I remember some of my first computers with…wait for it…66 megahertz processors!  That machine was blazing fast, handled all my programs like a champ.

So I get this laptop with a 1.6 giga hertz processor and withing a week its chugging on my basic photo editing software.  Ultimately its just my lack of patience and or not selecting a computer (laptop or otherwise) that can handle the projects I inevitability intend to use them for.

Hindsight is like upload speed, never there when you need it.


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