Monthly Archives: July 2011

Cold Read

The first of the actors to submit applications for Last Days sent me a video read of Torin’s lines. When he emailed me I checked out his IMDB profile and watched some of his previous work. I enjoyed all of it, but was naturally critical of the director. I think any of us do the same when we watch movies or shows, thinking to ourselves how we would have shot that scene.

The video is very cool. It is a hard feeling to describe as its a mixture of excitement, pride, fear, angst and several other minor flare ups of emotions. The summation of it is a thrill. To watch another person, in this case an actor, speaking lines that you had only previously heard in your mind as you wrote them is exhilarating!

Naturally my critical director eye was twitch as he missed or altered what I would precision as key lines or inflections. He warned me however that it was a cold read and that’s to be expected since he had just received the script. His efforts in making the video are greatly appreciated and provided me with insights I can get no where else.

I learned how long the script will read, where important pauses should be included and what hand gestures enhanced the delivery of a line. Overall, a great experience and it sets this actor ahead of the rest in the selection process.


Banter pt3

I finished a rewrite of the script today. As I continue my college courses I am learning to write a little better each time. This time I restructured the conversation, adjusting its flow and trying to clarify its main points. I feel challenge to retain the subtlety in the dialogue without giving away too much. Perhaps I am under estimating the potential audience. I just want to be sure the concept of the piece comes across without a lot of thought.

Jonas now has a greater emotional impact on the script. I realized I was focusing all the emotion on Torin and leaving the reporter a dry mechanical interviewer. While this might mimic the 70’s era prison videos I was inspired by, it is not very entertaining and leaves little for the actor to work with.

I feel overall the dialogue is tighter and flows better. I parred it down a lot, not so wordy now. Hopefully it will shorten the run time as well.

Film Community

I love finding new things! As we move forward on the Last Days film project we have begun the search for actors. This search has lead us to a possible lead which is great news.

In an interest to better understand the talent of our prospect we searched around the net to find samples of his work. We found quite a few clips at Influence Films website. They are a local production company with a real energy to thier film making. If you have a chance check out their site and the many projects they have completed and in the pipe.

5pm? What about 6pm?

Scheduling can be a real headache when you add a project like this film to an already busy life. Everyone involved in this project is very talented and each have schedules loaded with activities. Which is to be expected with adults.

I reminice about my teenage years when-it seemed-I had all the time in the world. Now I wish for those carefree summer days when nothing important was on the docket. Today I have a 10 hour work day, 2 hour commute, 4-5 hours of home work and like an hour of chores. Then and only then can I slot time for the movie.

So the challenge begins to gather all of us together in the next few weeks for a preproduction meeting. Progress will continue on the project but nothing will truly begin until we can meet.